Our Background

The a. The Clinical Associate profession was implemented into the South African healthcare system in 2008. This is when the first cohort of students enrolled for the Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice programme at Walter Sisulu University. University of Pretoria and University of the Witwatersrand shortly followed. With many uncertainties facing the profession, the need for a representative body became paramount! This body would be a voice, an advocate, a mentor and a supporter of Clinical Associates all over South Africa. heart

The Professional Association of Clinical Associates in South Africa (PACASA) was established on the 10th of April 2012, as a non-statutory body, non-Trade Union for Clinical Associates. It is an independent non-profit company registered in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008. PACASA is an association for all Clinical Associates in South Africa aiming at advocacy and development of the profession.

Our Vision

A credible representative body for clinical associates that wills to advocate for professionals and students, recognizing the value of associate members and the general public in the aim of bringing visible impact to the health care system.

Our Mission

logoTo empower and unite Clinical Associates to provide accessible, equitable and quality healthcare in South Africa.

Our Goals

★ Strive for advocacy and recognition of the Clinical Associate profession
★ Promote and sustain the credibility of the Clinical Associate profession
★ Encourage continuing professional development
★ Uphold the interests of the Clinical Associate as professionals
★ Network with allied professions and organisations